Tours and Tests
Tours and Tests

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Quality Name Description Price
1fine 1946-1975 Swanton in Australia with the MCC Published 1975. 252 pages. Swanton looks back at his coverage of the post war Ashes Series. Book and dustwrapper near fine. £8.50
2very good 1948 The Ashes by Neville Cardus Small booklet with illustrated paper wrappers. 50 pages. A Sporting Record Handbook similar to a pre tour brochure. Fair condition. £3.00
3good 1950-1 Cricket Task-Force by W J O'Reilly Published 1951. 192 pages. The story of the 1950-1 England versus Australia Test series. Dustwrapper with minor chips in protective wrapper. £8.00
2very good 1951 Day & Mason Test Book England v South Africa 1951 A5 paper wrappers 24 pages. Pre tour with over 50 pictures including portraits of the visiting South Aficans led by Dudley Nourse. £5.00
2very good 1952-53 The South Africans in Australia by AG Moyes Published 1953. 236 pages. Covers all matches in South Africa's tour of Australia. No dustwrapper. £8.00
2very good 1953 Bumper by Keith Miller & R S Whitington Published 1953. 238 pages. Miller discusses the forthcoming 1953 Ashes Series with England and amongst other subjects gives an account of the South African tour of Australia. D/w very good. £8.00
2very good 1953-54 West Indian Adventure. With Hutton's MCC Team 1953-54 by E W Swanton. Published 1954. 205 pages. A vivid picture and analysis of the 54 Test Series in it's colourful Caribbean setting. D/w with small piece missing top of spine, now in protective wrapper. £8.00
2very good 1953 Cricketers from Australia by Peter West. Published 1953. A5 paper wrappers 40 pages. Pre tour brochure with pen portraits. £4.00
2very good 1953 The Test Matches of 1953 by EW Swanton Published 1953. A5 paper wrappers 172 pages. Detailed account of each day of the five match Ashes Series by the Daily Telegraph correspondence. £4.00
2very good 1953 The Ashes Crown the Year by JH Fingleton Published 1954 2nd impression. 320 pages. Story of the Coronation year as seen by an Australian journalist. Dustwrapper with minor chips in protective sleeve. £8.00
1fine 1954-55 The Test Matches of 1954-55 by EW Swanton Published 1955. Paper wrappers 172 pages. Each Test match covered in detail by the Daily Telegraph correspondent. £4.00
2very good 1954-55 The Urn Returns by A E R Gilligan Published 1955. 208 pages. The story of the MCC in Australia with full details of all matches played. D/wrapper with minor chips. £8.00
2very good 1954-55 The Ashes by Ian Peebles Published 1955. 196 pages. Written with exceptional insight by the ex England player and Middlesex captain. D/w minor rubbing. £8.50
2very good 1954-55 The Ashes Retained by E M Wellings Published 1955. 208 pages. An honest account of the MCC tour of Australia written by one of the leading cricket journalists. Minor rubbing to d/w. £7.00
2very good 1954-55 John Arlott's Australian Test Journal Published 1954. 160 pages. Arlott captures the quick changes of fortune of the 54-5 Ashes Series. Dustwrapper very good. £7.50
2very good 1954-55 The Fight for the Ashes by A G Moyes Published 1955. 268 pages. An account of the Tests by this fine authority on Australian cricket. D/wrapper with minor chips. sold Feb 2018
2very good 1955 Cricketers from South Africa by Gordon Ross Printed 1955. Paper wrappers 24 pages. Pre tour brochure with photographs and pen pictures of S.A. players. £4.00
2very good 1956 Cricketers from Australia by Gordon Ross Printed 1956. Paper wrappers 24 pages. Pre tour brochure with photographs and pen pictures of Australian players. £4.00
2very good 1956-57 The MCC Tour of South Africa by Charles Fortune Published 1957. 262 pages. Dustwrapper very good in protective wrapper. £8.00
2very good 1958 Cricketers from New Zealand by Gordon Ross Published 1958. A5 paper wrappers. 24 pages. Pre tour of England brochure with pen portraits of tourists. £4.00
2very good 1958-59 Four Chukkas to Australia by Jack Fingleton Published 1960. 190 pages. A critical account of a disastrous tour for England. Dustwrapper with minor chips now in protective wrapper. £8.00
2very good 1958-59 A Typhoon called Tyson by Frank Tyson Published 1961. 220 pages. Part biographical but includes comment on 54-55 and 58-59 tours. Dustwrapper with minor chip. £8.50
2very good 1958 The New Zealand Cricket Team by Sinclair Traill Published 1958. A5 paper wrappers. 28 pages. Scarce pre tour brochure with pen portraits and fixture list. £6.00
2very good 1960 Cricketers from South Africa edited by Gordon Ross Published 1960. A5 paper wrappers 26 pages. Pre tour brochure for the tour of the UK with pen portraits. £4.00
2very good 1960-66 Rothmans Test Cricket Almanacks Various. Small circa 50-60 pages. Most years available. Please enquire. £2.50 each
2very good 1960 ATale of Two Tests by Richie Benaud Covers the tied Test between Australia and West Indies in Brisbane 1960 and Australia's victory against England at Manchester 1961. Dustwrapper near fine. sold Jan 18
2very good 1961 The Challenging Tests by Ray Lindwall Published 1961 190 pages. The story behind the 1961 Ashes Series between England and Australia. Dustwrapper minor chips. £8.00
2very good 1962-63 Spin Me a Spinner by Richie Benaud 1963. 160 pages. Behind the scenes in the 1962/3 Ashes Test Series. £8.00
1fine 1964 Sir Frank Worrell's West Inies XI Tour Published 1964 Rothmans A5 Card covers 12 pages Souvenir programme of unofficial tour with three fixtures against England XIs and one against Yorkshire. £3.00
2very good 1964 Simpson's Australians by E M Wellings Published 1964. 160 pages. The Ashes tour of England following Benaud's retirement. D/wrapper above average. £8.50
2very good 1964-65 Quest for the Ashes by Ken Mackay Published 1966. 196 pages. An exciting Ashes Series well described. D/w very good. £8.00
2very good 1965 Rothmans Test Cricket Almanack England v New Zealand Published 1965 small booklet 56 pages pre tour brochure £3.00
2very good The 1965 Tourists edited by Gordon Ross 1965 A5 card covers 32 pages. The Official Brochure of the visiting NZ and S. African teams including pen portraits of each player. £5.00
1fine 1968-69 Fours Galore by R S Whitington Published Australia 1969. 244 pages. The West Indies in Australia 1968-69. Book and dustwrapper above average. sold Feb 2018
2very good 1969 - 70 ABC Cricket Book edited by Alan McGilvray Published in Australia 1969 card covers 64 pages. Includes pen portraits of the players for the Australian tour of South Africa. £6.00
2very good 1970 - 71 ABC Cricket Book edited by Alan McGilvray Published in Australia 1970 card covers 88 pages. MCC tour of Australia with pen portraits of the players. £6.00
1fine 1977 The Return of the Ashes by Mike Brearley and Dudley Doust Published 1978. 160 pages. Also includes previous winter's tour of India. D/w in very good condition. £7.50
2very good 1977 The Jubilee Tests by Christopher Martin - Jenkins Published 1977. 207 pages. England v. Australia 1977 and the Packer Revolution. D/w price clipped. £7.00
2very good 1977 Australian Test Tour Published UK 1977 A5 card covers 12 pages. Souvenir programme with pen pictures of players. £4.00
1fine 1978-79 In Defence of the Ashes by C Martin-Jenkins Published 1979. 218 pages. England's Victory. Packer's Progress. Dustwrapper very good. £8.00
1fine 1978-79 Anyone For Cricket by Bob Taylor and David Gower Published 1979. 176 pages. A diary of an Australian tour. Book and dustwrapper very good condition. £6.00
2very good 1978-79 A Pitch in Both Camps by Alan Lee Published 1979. 188 pages. England & World Series Cricket in Australia with Packer in the background. Book and d/w near fine. £6.00
2very good 1978 New Zealand Cricket Team Tour of England Official Brochure Published by New Zealand Cricketers Partnership A4 46 pages. Includes pen portraits of touring squad. £5.00
2very good 1978 - 79 The Ashes '79 by David Frith Published 1979 208 pages. Covers the Australia v England Series played with the Kerry Packer World Series in the background. D/wrapper very good. £8.00
2very good 1979-80 Cricket Contest The Post Packer Tests by CMJ Published 1980. 181 pages. Christopher Martin-Jenkins charts a clear path through a confusing and controversial season. D/w very good. £7.00
2very good 1981 The Incredible Tests by Ian Botham Published 1982 by BCA 160 pages. The behind the scene stories by the man of the Series against Australia. Very good dustwrapper. £4.00
2very good 1981 A Summer to Remember by Patrick Eagar Published 1981 Illustrated card covers 128 pages. England v Australia the Series illustrated by Eagar's superb photography. £6.00
2very good 1981 Phoenix from the Ashes by Mike Brearley Published 1982 160 pages. The story of the England - Australia Series 1981. D/wrapper very good. £6.00
1fine 1982-83 The Captain's Diary by Bob Willis Published 1983. 187 pages. Book & dustwrapper fine condition. £8.00
2very good 1982-83 Decidion Against England by Robin Marlar Published 1983. 214 pages. The centenary Ashes. Book and dustwrapper near fine. £6.50
2very good 1983 Australia v West Indies Lord's 18th June Published 1983. A5 card covers 40 pages. Programme for the Prudential World Cup match. Very good. sold Jan 18
1fine 1984-85 Marks Out Of XI Published 1987. 148 pages. Covers England's winter tour of India & Australia. Dustwrapper very good. £7.00
1fine 1986 Another Bloody Tour by Frances Edmonds Published 1986. 162 pages. England in the West Indies 1986. Book & d/w fine condition. £7.00
2very good 1986 87 88 89 & 90 Official Tour Guides Published by TCCB A5 approx 50 pages. Featuring full colour profiles of touring teams to the UK plus complete tour fixture list. All in very good condition. Each £3.00
1fine 1987 Official Programme England v Pakistan 4th Test at Edgbaston Published 1987. A5 card covers. Programme for match played on 23rd - 28th July. Includes pen portraits of both teams. £3.00
2very good 1987-88 A Cricket Odyssey by Scyld Berry Published 1988. 214 pages. The most extensive winter tour yet undertaken commences with the World Cup in India & Pakistan, then Test Series with Pakistan & N. Zealand plus the Bicentennial Test in Sydney. D/w v/g. £7.50
2very good 1987 From Brisbane to Karachi by Peter Baxter Published 1988. 159 pages. With the Test Match Special team. D/w very good. £6.00
1fine 1991 Jack in the Box by Jack Bannister Published 1992. 166 pages. A TV commentator's diary of England v West Indies in 1991. Book and d/w as new. £6.00
2very good 1992 to 2001 Official UK Tour Guides A4 size mostly circa 80 pages published by TCCB and ECB covering the coming season's Test matches. Each £4.00
1fine 1993 The Australian Tour of England 1993 Published 1993. A5 paper wrappers 96 pages. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's pre tour brochure full of detail plus pen pictures of both teams. sold Jan 18
1fine 1997 Hell for Leather by Robert Winder Published 1997. 256 pages. A tale of ten cities following the World Cup of 1996 in India and Pakistan. Book and d/w as new. sold
1fine 1997 Ashes 97 by Norman Geras & Ian Holliday Published 1997. A5 card covers 163 pages. Signed by N Geras. Two views from the boundary. Book as new. £6.00
1fine 2005 England v. Australia Programme 2005. A5 size card covers. 84 pages. Programme for the 2nd Test Edgbaston August 4th - 8th 2005. Near fine condition. £3.00
2very good 2005 Calling the Shots by Michael Vaughan Published 2005 270 pages. The Captain's story of the famous 2005 Ashes Series between England and Australia. Dustwrapper near fine. £6.00

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