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Quality Name Description Price
2very good Agnew Jonathan 8 Days a Week Published 1988. 184 pages. The diary of a professional cricketer. Book and dustwrapper almost fine. sold
1fine Allen David Rayvern Cricket On The Air Published in 1985. 207 pages. A selection from 50 years of radio broadcasting. Book and dustwrapper fine. £6.00
1fine Allen David Rayvern The Field Book of Cricket 1991 First edition. 275 pages. From 1853 to the present. D/w fine condition. £6.00
1fine Allen David Rayvern More Cricket On The Air Published 1988. 190 pages. A further selection from BBC broadcasts. Book and dustwrapper as fine. £6.00
2very good Altham HS & Swanton EW A History of Cricket Third edition 1947 with new postscript. 477 pages. With scarce d/wrapper now in protective wrapper. There is a Times newspaper cutting on the Centenary of Grace attached to the front end paper. £15.00
2very good Altham HS A History of Cricket First edition 1926. Green cloth with gilt 391 pages. Forewood by Lord Harris. Includes very good bibliography. £35.00
1fine Andrews Gordon The Datasport Book of Wartime Cricket 1940 -45 1990 First edition. Large card covers 162 pages. A fascinating account of wartime cricket. As new. £8.00
3good Arlott John & G.Rostrevor Hamilton (Editors') Landmarks (photo top right of this page) First edition 1943. 236 pages. John Arlott's first book. A book of Topographical Verse for England & Wales. Dustwrapper minor chips. £45.00
2very good Arlott John Alletson's Innings 1958 edition. Green cloth 40 pages. Very good condition. £8.00
2very good Arlott John How to Watch Cricket 1949. 1949 edition. Paper wrappers 90 pages. Very good condition £6.00
2very good Arlott John Krug House of Champagne First edition 1976. 224 pages. A chronicle of the five generations of the family who created a grand marque champagne. Dustwrapper with minor repair. £12.00
2very good Arlott John The Snuff Shop First edition 1974. 61 pages. Blue cloth with gilt. An attractive book in very good condition. £25.00
2very good Bailey T & Trueman F The Spinners' Web 1988 First edition. 224 pages. Considers the careers of 28 spin bowlers. D/w very good. £5.00
2very good Barker Ralph Innings of a Lifetime 1982. 256 pages. Ten momentous innings are reconstructed in the context of the match in which they were played. £6.00
1fine Barty - King Hugh Quilt Winders and Pod Shavers 1979 First edition. 208 pages. The history of cricket bat and ball manufacture. D/w very good. £12.00
1fine Bassano Brian South African Cricket 1947 - 1960 1996 First edition. Green card covers 288 pages. Volume four of the history of S. African cricket. New. £14.00
2very good Bateman Colin If the Cap Fits 1993 First edition. 197 pages. Covers the careers of all England players since 1946. D/w very good. £8.00
1fine Bateman Colin String Fellows 2010 First edition. Illustrated card covers 294 pages. A cycling odyssey into cricket's heartland. Foreword by Angus Fraser. Mint condition. £8.00
1fine Bath Cricket Club Centenary Booklet 1959 Illustrated card covers 80 pages. Previously owned by HS Altham and includes MCC Anniversary Dinner Menu for 1961 with HSA initials to top right hand corner plus one other Bath CC Annual Dinner Menu for 1961. £20.00
2very good Bedser Alec Cricket Choice 1981 first edition. 204 pages. Includes Bedser's personal thoughts on Bradman. D/w very good. £6.00
1fine Benaud Richie The Appeal of Cricket 1995 first edition. 280 pages. Includes analsys of recent Ashes series and other issues affecting the modern game. D/w fine. £6.00
2very good Benaud Richie Way of Cricket 1961 first edition. 247 pages. A fully qualified journalist as well as a great cricketer, this is Benaud's first book. D/w very good. £6.00
1fine Bentley Henry Book of Cricket 1786 to 1822 Published 1997. Maroon cloth Limited edition no. 121/400. First published in three parts in 1823 and 1826. Very good condition. £45.00
1fine Birley Derek A Social History of English Cricket 1999 first edition. 388 pages. The history of cricket told with great warmth and humour. Near fine d/wrapper. sold
1fine Blofeld Henry Cricket's Great Entertainers 2003 first edition. 335 pages. D/wrapper very good. £7.00
1fine Botham Ian My Illustrated Life 2007 first edition. 256 pages. D/w near fine. £8.00
2very good Botham Ian with Roebuck Peter It Sort of Clicks 1986 first edition. 153 pages. A revealing portrait. D/w very good. £6.00
2very good Bowen Roland The Cricket Quarterly A5 card covers. Volume 1 numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 1963. Volume 2 numbers 1,2,3 and 4 1964. Volume 3 numbers 1,2,3 and 4 1965 Volume 4 numbers 1,2 and 3 1966. All volumes in very good condition. Photographs on request. £165.00
2very good Bradman The Albums Vol 1 and Vol 2 in slipcase 1988. Selections from Sir Donald's official collection. Vol 1 covers 1925 to 1934 & Vol 2 covers 1935 to 1949. Please enquire for best offer
2very good Bradman The Illustrated Biography by Michael Page 1983 London edition. Large 368 pages. Using the private possessions of Sir Donald Bradman. D/w near fine. £8.50
2very good Bradman Our Don by Philip Derriman 1987 UK edition. 222 pages. The first anthology of writings about Sir Donald Bradman. D/w near fine. £8.00
2very good Bradman Revisited by AL Shillinglaw 2003 First edition. 184 pages. The legacy of Sir Donald Bradman. Dustwrapper in fine condition. £8.00
1fine Bradman Sir Donald A C Co - ordinated by Mike Coward Reprinted 1998 in Ironbark. Large 119 pages. A group of essayists examine Sir Donald's influence on Australian sport and society. D/w near fine. £14.00
2very good Bradman Sir Donald How to Play Cricket Revised edition 1965. Small 77 pages. Complete with price clipped dustwrapper. Fold out pictorial pages in good condition. (First edition with paper wrappers also available) £8.00
2very good Bradman's Best by Roland Perry 2002 Corgi edition. Illustrated paper wrappers 458 pages. Sir Don selects his all - time best team. Very good condition. £5.00
2very good Brearley Mike The Art of Captaincy 1985 First edition. 288 pages. A "must" read for any cricketer. D/w very good. £8.00
2very good Brittenden RT Great Days in New Zealand Cricket 1958 first edition. 195 pages. D/w very good. £16.00
1fine Brodribb Gerald Next Man In 1985 First edition. 261 pages. Ex Libris Brian Johnston with bookplate. D/w fine. £10.00
2very good Cambridge University Cricket Calendar 1890 by GJ Gray Published 1891. Grey card covers 122 pages. Includes scores of all University and College matches during the year and index of names. Spine strong. £35.00
2very good Cambridge University Cricket Club 1820 - 1901 by WJ Ford Published 1902. Light blue cloth with gilt. 561 pages. A comprehensive history with full scores and comments on many of the fixtures. Photos on request. £38.00
3good Cardus N and Arlott J 1969 First edition. Large format. Includes 64 mostly colour plates on good quality paper. Dustwrapper with chipped edges now in protective poly wrapper. £18.00
2very good Cardus Neville Days in the Sun 1924 First edition. Blue cloth 263 pages. A cricketer's journal covering the two preceding seasons. V/g. £18.00
2very good Cardus Neville English Cricket 1945 Fist edition. 48 pages. Britain in pictures series. Includes eight superb colour plates plus twenty one black and white illustrations. Dustwrappper v/g. £8.00
2very good Cardus Neville The Roses Matches 1919 - 1939 1982 Souvenir Press. 520 pages. Dustwrapper v/g. sold
2very good Carew Dudley "To the Wicket" 1947 revised and reprinted edition. Small 199 pages. A well written book which includes comments on the personalia of all the first class counties between the wars. £6.00
2very good Caro Andrew "With a Straight Bat" 1979 First edition Hong Kong. 239 pages. Discusses just why WSC led by Kerry Packer came into conflict with the establishment. D/w vg. £8.00
2very good Chappell Ian The Best of Chappelli 1989 Reprint Australia. Illustrated boards 160 pages. Includes Chappelli has the Last Laugh and Chappelli Laughs Again. V/g condition. £6.00
2very good Clitheroe Arthur Silly Point 1939 First edition. Decorative boards 88 pages. A collection of humorous stories well illustrated by James Thorpe. Some loss to spine. £12.00
1fine Constantine Learie A Loook at by Undine Giuseppi 1974 First edition. Illustrated card covers 144 pages. A biography of a versatile man. Near fine condition. £6.00
1fine Craven Nico August Occasions 1979 hard cloth with dustwrapper 112 pages. Signed and dated by author. Other titles by Nico available. Please enquire. £8.00
3good Cricket A Handbook of the Game by Dr WG Grace G L Jessop & Others 1907 First edition. Illustrated green card covers 126 pages. Browning to pages overall above average condition for age. £18.00
3good Cricket A Popular Handbook of the Game by Dr WG Grace Rev J Pycroft & Others 1887 Blue decorative boards 244 pages + adverts. Boy's own book shelf no. 3 edited by GA Hutchison. Above average condition. £38.00
2very good Cricketers' Who's Who by S Canynge Caple 1934 First edition. Green cloth 214 pages. The cricket careers of all first class cricketers to date in an interesting and readable format. Very good condition. £12.00
2very good Daft Richard King's of Cricket 1893. Black cloth with gilt to front board and spine 274 pages plus ads. Well illustrated with reminiscences and anecdotes. Minor split to cloth on edge of spine. £45.00
2very good Davies Pete Mad Dogs and English Women 1998 First edition. Illustrated card covers 274 pages. The story of England at the 6th Women's World Cup in India. Near fine condition. £6.00
2very good De Selincourt Hugh The Cricket Match 1932 Florin Books publication. 256 pages. One of the best fiction books on cricket. Beige cloth in good condition. £6.00
1fine Derriman Philip True to the Blue 1985 First edition. 245 pages. A history of the New South Wales Cricket Association. D/w fine. £10.00
1fine Down M & West D Sketches at Lord's 1990 First edition. 144 pages. The cricket lithographs of John Corbet Anderson. D/w fine. £10.00
1fine Eagar Patrick Botham 1985 second impression. 159 pages. Superb photographs with text illustrating Botham's career to date. D/w fine. £6.00
1fine Eagar Patrick Caught in the Frame 1992 First edition. Large format 160 pages. 150 years of cricket photography. D/w near fine. £6.50
1fine Edmonds Frances Cricket XXXX Cricket 1987 BCA edition. 187 pages. An irreverent account of England's tour of Australia. Dustwrapper near fine. £6.00
1fine Edmonds Frances Members Only 1989 First edition. 229 pages. A refreshingly different look at the people who presume to govern our lives. Dustwrapper price clipped. £7.00
2very good Edworthy Niall Lord's The Home of Cricket 1999 First edition. Large format 256 pages. The Illustrated history. Near fine d/w. £8.00
2very good Fitzgerald RA "Quid" Jerks in from Short Leg 1866 First edition. Blue decorative boards with gilt 137 pages. Includes apologies to MCC members and many humorous illustrations. Very good condition. £45.00
1fine Foot David Beyond Bat & Ball 1995 Edition. 207 pages. Eleven intimate portraits of the games most rewarding characters. Dustwrapper as new. £8.00
2very good Foot David Cricket's Unholy Trinity 1985 First edition. 188 pages. An absorbing study of three controversial cricketers Charlie Parker, Cecil Parkin and Jack MacBryan. Dustwrapper. £8.00
1fine Foot David From Grace to Botham 1980 First edition. 123 pages. Profiles of 100 West Country cricketers. Dustwrapper as new. £8.00
2very good Free Foresters (Annals of the) 1856 - 1894 edited by WKR Bedford and WEW Collins 1895 First edition. Green cloth decorative boards with gilt. 402 pages. Very good condition. £28.00
2very good Frith David Caught England Bowled Australia 1997 First edition. 366 pages. Signed inscription by author on title page. Dustwrapper very good. £8.00
2very good Gale Frederick Echoes from Old Cricket Fields 1972 reprint of the 1871 first edition. 112 pages. "Of it's period. leisurely and somewhat righteous". Minor fading to spine of dustwrapper. £8.50
2very good Gale Frederick The Game of Cricket 1888 second edition. Green cloth with gilt to spine. An interesting book on cricket in the nineteenth century. Good condition for year. Photos as always on request. £20.00
2very good Giffen George With Bat & Ball 1898 First edition. Green cloth decorative boards with gilt. 240 pages. 25 years' reminiscences of Australian and Anglo-Australian cricket. Good condition. £28.00
2very good Giffen George With Bat & Ball as above but third edition. Decorative card covers 240 pages. Good condition, photos on request. £18.00
2very good Goldman Arthur Cricket Capers 1964 Johannesburg. Brown cloth. 192 pages. Recollections of light hearted incidents in the game. Good condition. £10.00
1fine Gooch Graham Captaincy 1992 First edition. 197 pages. Gooch discusses the various aspects of captaincy. Near fine condition with d/wrapper. £6.00
1fine Gower David A Right Ambition 1986 First edition. 127 pages. Signed and inscribed by co author Derek Hodgson. D/wrapper fine. £8.00
2very good Grayson Edward Corinthians and Cricketers 1955. 248 pages. Important book discussing the relationship between cricket and football and Amateurs and Professionals. Attractive dustwrapper in vg condition. £10.00
2very good Grimmett CV Tricking the Batsman 1934 First edition. Illustrated card covers 157 pages. Spine in excellent condition. sold June 2016
2very good Hammond Walter R Cricket's Secret History 1952 First edition. 191 pages. A behind the scenes look at Test and County matches. Signed by the daughter of Wally. D/w very good. £10.00
1fine Harding DM Cricket Indulgence 1991 First edition. Illustrated brown/beige boards 112 pages. An anthology of the Cricket Writings of Chris Harte. £6.50
2very good Harris Lord & Ashley - Cooper FS Lord's and the MCC 1914 First edition. Original quarter leather with top page edges gilt. A chronicle of 137 years based on official documents published to commemorate the centenary of the present ground. Very good condition. £95.00
1fine Haselhurst Alan Eventually Cricket 2001 First edition. 255 pages. More unpredictable performances from the Outcasts. Cricket fiction. D/w fine. £8.00
1fine Haselhurst Alan Occasionally Cricket 1999 First edition. 320 pages. The unpredictable performances of the Outcasts CC. Signed by author. D/w fine. £10.00
2very good Heald Tim (editor) My Lord's 1990 First edition. 207 pages. A celebration of the world's greatest cricket ground. D/w near fine. £6.00
3good Hick Graeme & Dilley Graham Hick "n" Dilley Circus 1990 First edition. 196 pages. Diary of the 1999 season. D/w very good. £6.00
2very good Hill Alan The Family Fortune 1978 First edition. 152 pages. A saga of Sussex cricket. D/w very good. £8.00
2very good Hobbs Jack Between the Wickets 1926 Black's Boys Library. Red cloth boards 248 pages. Very good condition for year. £15.00
3good Hobbs JB The Perfect Batsman by AC MacLaren 1926 First edition. Brown boards 138 pages. Excellent instructional book on batsmanship. Dull spine. £7.00
2very good Holloway Bernard Cricket on the Brain 1970 First edition. 224 pages. Delightfully written by a previous editor of "Punch". D/w price clipped. £7.00
2very good Home Gordon Bart Sir Background of Cricket 1939 First edition. Green cloth with gilt 348 pages. Covers a wide variety of cricket topics also uncludes a chapter on Sussex cricket. Very good condition for age. £15.00
2very good Hopps David We're Right Behind You, Captain ! 1997 First edition. 280 pages. The alternative story of an Ashes year. D/w very good. £7.00
1fine Howat Gerald Cricket's Second Golden Age 1989 First edition. 300 pages. The Hammond - Bradman Years. D/w fine. £8.00
2very good Hughes Margaret All on a Summers Day 1953 First edition. 191 pages. A book recommended by Neville Cardus in his foreword. D/w very good. £8.50
1fine Hughes Simon A Lot of Hard Yakka 1997 First edition. 311 pages. Story of a county cricketer's life. D/w fine. £8.00
2very good Hutchinson Horace G (editor) Cricket 1903 The Country Life Library of Sport. Red cloth with gilt 454 pages. Includes a chapter on early Australian cricket. Very good condition. £28.00
3good I'Anson 50 years of the Competiton A Cup for Cricket by LT Pope 1951 First edition. 101 pages. An account of the the competition between village clubs along the Surrey - Hampshire border. Signed by Jim Laker to front end paper. D/w minor chips. £25.00
2very good Iqbal Jawed "How is That" Cricket in Cartoons 1980 Lahore. Illustrated card covers. 254 pages. Includes many superb character portraits of Test cricketers from around the world. Scarce. £12.00
2very good James Alfred Australian First - Class Cricket Volumes One and Two 1985 & 1987 Australia. Card covers 181 pages & 205 pages. Averages & Results vol one 1850/51 - 1914/15 vol two 1918/19 - 1957/58. Vol two signed by author. Good condition. £18.00
1fine Johnston Brian Letters Home edited by Barry Johnston 1998 First edition. 383 pages. Warm, affectionate and witty. D/w fine. £8.00
2very good Joyce E Valentine A Season For All Men 1985 First edition. 155 pages. Includes gallery of "Famous Cricketers" cigarette cards. D/w very good. £6.00
2very good Kay John Cricket in the Leagues 1970 First edition. 208 pages. Covers all the major leagues in Lancashire, Yorkshire, the Midlands, Wales and Scotland. D/w price clipped. £7.50
2very good Kerr Diana Rait Cricket 1950 Paper wrappers. 120 pages plus adverts. A catalogue of an exhibition of books, manuscripts and pictorial records. Ex library. £4.50
2very good Know The Game Series Cricket 1956 published by Educational Productions Ltd oblong card covers 48 pages The Laws of Cricket corrected to 1956. £3.00
2very good Laws of Cricket 16th edition MCC 1939 published by the MCC small paper wrappers 39 pages with decisions and interpretations authorised by the MCC. £4.00
1fine Lee Alan Raising the Stakes 1996 First edition. A witty and probing look at English first - class cricket. D/w fine. £7.00
2very good Lee Christopher Nicely Nurdled Sir 1986 First edition. 103 pages. Two centuries in prose and poetry. D/w very good. £6.00
2very good Lee HW How's That ? 1947 First edition small paper wrappers 40 pages. Every cricketer's guide to umpiring. £4.00
2very good Lemmon David Great One Day Cricket Matches 1982 First edition. 151 pages. David Lemmon recalls some of the early one day matches. D/w very good. £6.00
2very good Lemmon David The Great Wicket - Keepers 1984 First edition. 176 pages. Well researched book traces the changing styles in wicket - keeping. D/w price clipped. £6.00
3good Leveson Gower Sir Henry Off and On the Field 1953 First edition. 240 pages. Covers a life in cricket from WG to Bradman & Hammond. D/w with minor nicks now in protective sleeve. £7.00
1fine Lewis Tony Cricket in Many Lands 1991 First edition. 231 pages. D/w and book in fine condition. £7.00
2very good Lock HC (Bert) Cricket Ground Maintenance 1957 First edition. Small green paper wrappers 44 pages. Head groundsman at the Oval since 1945. Good condition. £5.00
2very good Lonsdale Library Vol VI The Game of Cricket 1930 First edition. 255 pages. Includes articles by Jardine, Fender, Chapman etc. complete with scarce dustwrapper in very good condition. £18.00
3good Looker SJ Cricket An Anthology for Cricketers 1925 First edition. Small red cloth 225 pages. An attractive little book for lovers of the game. Good condition for age. £15.00
2very good Lucas EV Cricket All His Life 1950 First edition. Small 216 pages. Contains the cream of Lucas's cricket writing. D/w near fine. £6.50
2very good Lucas EV Willow and Leather 1898 First edition. Small brown cloth with gilt to spine. Signature of previous owner Gerald Brodribb to front end paper. A book of verse and prose. Above average condition. £18.00
2very good Lyon MD Cricket 1932 First edition. 197 pages. Includes an interesting chapter "Should women play cricket ?" Complete with scarce dustwrapper. £25.00

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