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Quality Name Description Price
1fine Derbyshire C.C.C. Year Book 1978 and 1977 each £3.00
1fine Derbyshire C.C.C. Year Book 1965 each £5.00
2very good Durham C.C.C. 100 Years Published by Casdec in 1983. Author Brian Hunt. Card covers. 186 pages. £12.00
2very good Durham C.C.C. Past Present and Future Published 1993. Authors Jack Bannister and David Graveney 319 pages. Dustwrapper near fine. £8.00
1fine Durham C.C.C. Year Book 1994 and 1992 each £3.00
1fine Essex C.C.C. Year Book 1994 each £3.00
2very good Essex C.C.C. Year Book 1976 Centenary edition, 1974 each £5.00
2very good Essex County Cricket by Charles Bray Published 1950. Small 106 pages. The County Cricket Series. The inside story of Essex cricket. Minor chips to dustwrapper. £6.00
2very good Essex Cricketers 1876 - 1986 Published by the A.C.S. Notes to rear cover by previous owner. sold Jan 18
2very good For signed cricket bats of Counties and Test Teams Please see under Cricketana £45.00 - £175.00
1fine Glamorgan C C C Centenary Brochure 1888 - 1988 Published 1988. Light brown hard covers with gilt to spine. A4 size. Number 45. Fine condition. £8.00
2very good Glamorgan C.C.C. Year Book 1995 £3.00 1952 1951 each £8.00
2very good Glamorgan C.C.C. Year Book 1995 £3.00 1952 1951 each £8.00
2very good Glamorgan Cricketers 1888 - 1987 1988 Compiled by the Assoc. of Cricket Statisticians. Card covers 30 pages. £3.00
2very good Gloucestershire CCC Year Book 1973 and 1971 each £5.00 1958 £12.00 1953 each £14.00
2very good Gloucestershire CCC Year Book 1973 and 1971 each £5.00 1958 £12.00 1953 each £14.00
2very good Gloucestershire Cricket 100 Years Published 1970 Oblong card covers 68 pages Centenary brochure. £6.00
2very good Gloucestershire Cricket and Cricketers 1919 - 1939 Card covers 36 pages. Author Rex Pogson. This copy has the bookplate and signature of BJ Wakley. £10.00
1fine Gloucestershire Cricketing Greats by Dean Hayes Published 1990. 168 pages. 46 of the best cricketers for Gloucestershire. Dustwrapper in fine condition. £8.00
2very good Hampshire C.C.C. Handbook 2000, 1996 to 1986 inclusive, 1984 to 1977 inclusive, 1975 1974 and 1971 each £3.00
2very good Hampshire County Cricket HS Altham J Arlott EDR Eagar and R Webber Published 1957 green cloth 240 pages. The official history of the Hampshire County Cricket Club. £8.00
2very good Hampshire County Cricket Guide 1938 red card covers £35.00
3good Hampshire Cricket Milestones Published by The Hampshire Cricket Society 1983. Blue card covers 20 pages. This booklet is a potted history of cricket in Hampshire back to the first recorded mention in 1647. £4.00
1fine Hampshire Cricket Statistics 1895 - 1968 Published 1969 by Hampshire CCC blue card covers 87 pages. Limited edition number 80 of 200. Compiled by the late Roy Webber and brought up-to-date by Norman Drake. This book was previously owned by Richard Gilliat Captain of Hampshire CCC. £68.00
2very good Hampshire The Funnier Side of Cricket by Mike Watkins Published 1970s in aid of the Hampshire Fighting Fund paper wrappers 34 pages. A collection of cricket cartoons. £5.00
1fine Hampshire Papers Issue No 4 A History of Cricket in Hampshire 1760 - 1914 by John Simons Published 1993 by Hampshire Council and the author. A4 card covers 28 pages. Near fine condition £5.00
2very good Kent West Kent The Annals of the West Kent Cricket Club 1812 - 1896 compiled by Philip Norman Published 1897. Cream decorative boards with dark green leather spine with gilt. 387 pages. Originally the Prince's Plain Club. With some accounts of the neighbourhoods of Chislehurst and Bromley and of the families residing there. Excellent condition for year. £85.00
2very good Kent CCC The History Appendix I published by Kent CCC. Orange card covers. 163 pages. Covers the period 1964 to 1984. Derek Underwood has signed an England Cricket Badge card affixed to the title page. Please ask for photographs. £22.00
2very good Kent CCC The History Edited by The Right Hon. Lord Harris Published 1907 blue decorative cloth. 510 pages. Includes up to Appendix "D". Many illustrations. Superb early history of Kent CCC in very good condition. Please ask for photographs. £150.00
2very good Kent Cricket A Photographic History 1744 - 1984 by EW Swanton & CH Taylor Published 1984. A4 illustrated card covers. 56 pages. Many superb photographs including team photos of successful Kent teams. sold Jan 18
1fine Kent Cricket A Photographic History by EW Swanton & CH Taylor 2nd Edition Published 1988 A4 illustrated card covers. 52 pages. Takes the illustrated history up to 1988 and includes photos of the multi purpose New Stand. sold Jan 18
2very good Lancaashire CCC The Old Trafford Story 1884 - 1984 Centenary Brochure published 1984. A4 Card covers 80 pages. Many illustrations including photographs of some of the best Test teams to have played at this venue. £6.00
2very good Lancashire C.C.C. Year Book 1938 Official Handbook sold March 18
2very good Lancashire CCC 1864 - 1953 by AW Ledbrooke Published 1954 by Phoenix House Ltd. Blue cloth 304 pages. The Official History of the Lancashire County & Manchester Cricket Club. £10.00
1fine Lancashire CCC Heads or Tails Lancashire Captains 1865 - 1991 by R Cavanagh Published 1992 Limited edition no 211 of 1000. Illustrated card covers 110 pages. Very good condition. £10.00
1fine Lancashire CCC Old Trafford by John Marshall Published 1971 This is an uncorrected proof copy with beige card covers 161 pages. The author previously published books on Lord's and Headingley. Fine condition. £8.00
2very good Lancashire CCC Red Roses Crest the Caps by E Midwinter Published 1989. 248 pages. The Story of Lancashire CCC by a lifelong fan. Dustwrapper price clipped. £8.00
2very good Lancashire CCC Second Innings The Revival of Lancashire Cricket by TCF Prittie and J Kay Published 1947. Decorative boards 152 pages. Covers all the 1946 matches and the rebuilding of Old Trafford after the war. £7.00
1fine Lancashire CCC Test Cricket History at Old Trafford 1884 - 1998 by G Hudd Published 1999 Illustrated card covers 171 pages. Includes full detailed scorecards for each Test match played at Old Trafford plus statistical analysis. As new condition. £6.00
2very good Lancashire Cricket at the Top edited by V Addison & B Bearshaw. Published 1971.128 pages. Explores in depth the return of Lancs CCC to the top after many years in the wilderness. Dustwrapper price clipped. £8.00
2very good Leicestershire CCC Championship Year 1975 Published 1976 Oblong illustrated card covers 48 pages to celebrate Leicestershire's Championship win in 1975. Very good condition. £6.00

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