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Quality Name Description Price
2very good ABEL Bobby. Professional Batsman. by David Kynaston. 1982 reprinted 1983. 164 pages. Abel played for Surrey and England 1881 to 1904. Book and dustwrapper in v.g. condition. £8.00
2very good AMISS Dennis by David Goodyear 1985 ?. Card covers 100 pages. Covers his Warwickshire & England career to 1984. Fine condition. £5.00
1fine ASHLEY-COOPER FS by Peter Wynne-Thomas 2003 ACS Publications Card covers 40 pages. A biographical sketch and bibliography. £12.00
2very good BAILEY Trevor. A Life in Cricket by Jack Bailey 1993. 182 pages. A highly entertaing book of rare insight. D/wrapper near fine. £8.00
2very good BAILEY Trevor. Wickets Catches and the odd Run 1986. 240 pages. The Essex & England all-rounder, famous for his many rearguard actions against Australia. D/wrapper fine. £8.00
2very good BARRIE J M by Thomas Moult 1928 first edition. Green cloth 192 pages. A study of the Barrie's work as an author and dramatist. Book in good condition. £15.00
2very good BARRIE J M. Peter Pan and Cricket by David Rayvern Allen 1988. 188 pages. Biography of the playwright and novelist who enjoyed a lifelong love affair with cricket. Very minor rubbing to dustwrapper. £8.00
2very good BARRINGTON Ken Running Into Hundreds 1963 first edition. The story of Barrington's life from childhood to the end of his Test match career. Dustwrapper with small piece missing now in protective poly wrapper. £8.00
2very good BEDSER Alec and Eric Our Cricket Story 1951 June reprint of March 1951 first edition. 240 pages. An above average copy but no dustwrapper. £5.00
2very good BEDSER Alec and Eric Our Cricket Story 1951 June reprint of March 1951 first edition. 240 pages. An above average copy in a very good dustwrapper. £7.00
1fine BEDSER Alec Twin Ambitions 1986. 217 pages. An Autobiography describing a long and distinguished career. Dustwrapper near fine condition. £6.00
1fine BEDSERS Twinning Triumphs by Alan Hill See signed section £16.00
2very good BENAUD Richie. Benaud on Reflection 1984. 255 pages. Benaud reflects on his career with NSW & Australia and as a journalist and broadcaster. Dustwrapper very good. £6.00
1fine BENAUD Richie. My Spin on Cricket 2005. 294 pages. Not an autobiography but full of personal anecdotes and thoughtful opinions. Dustwrapper near fine. £8.00
2very good BORDER Allan. Ashes Glory 1989. 159 pages. The Australian Captain's own story. Dustwrapper very good. £7.00
2very good BOTHAM Ian by Bob Farmer 1979. 160 pages. Includes the start of his career and the complete scorecards of some of his best performances. Dustwrapper very good. £6.00
2very good BOTHAM Ian Head On 2007. 384 pages. Botham's autobiography to 2007. Dustwrapper very good. £9.00
2very good BOYCOTT A Cricketing Legend by John Callaghan 1982. 220 pages. Story of the game's most controversial player against the background of Yorkshire's most serious depression. Minor rubbing to dustwrapper. £6.00
2very good BRADMAN Don Don Bradman's Book Published 1938 card covers with dustwrapper. The story of Bradman's life to May 1930 with additional chapters by Bruce Harris bringing the story up to date (1938.) £15.00
2very good BRADMAN Don Bradman the Great by B J Wakley 1959 first edition. 317 pages. The rare classic first edition which was a unique contribution to the history and literature of cricket. First edition but ex library with usual stamps etc. Dustwrapper good. Photos on request. £45.00
1fine BRADMAN Don by Charles Williams 1997. Paperback reprint. 336 pages. as above. Very good condition. £5.00
2very good BRADMAN Don The Don 1908 - 2001 by Roland Perry 1996. First UK edition. 645 pages. The definitive biography well researched and illustrated. Book and dustwrapper fine condition. £9.50
2very good BRADMAN Don The Don by Roland Perry 1996. First UK edition. 645 pages. The definitive biography well researched and illustrated. Based on interviews with Sir Donald. Book and dustwrapper fine condition. £9.50
2very good BRADMAN Don Farewell To Cricket 1988. Pavilion reprint. Card covers. Reprint of the 1950 first edition. Book as new. £5.00
3good BRADMAN Don Farewell to Cricket 1950 First edition. 320 pages. Bradman's own story of his playing days. Book in very good condition. Minor chips to dustwrapper, now in prot. cover. £8.00
2very good BRADMAN Don The Illustrated Biography by Michael Page 1983. Large format 368 pages. A fully rounded portrait of Sir Donald's life with previously unpublished photographs. Dustwrapper near fine. £10.00
2very good BRADMAN Don Sir Donald Bradman by Irving Rosenwater 1979 second impression. 416 pages. An exciting and authoritative biography by one of the foremost cricket historians. Dustwrapper no tears. £10.00
2very good BRADMAN Sir Donald A.C. co-ordinated by Mike Coward 1998 Australia. A4 119 pages. Ironbark Legend Series. A group of essayists examine Sir Donald's influence on Australian Sport and society. Over 100 superb photographs. Dustwrapper fine. £18.00
2very good BRADMAN Sir Donald The Don 1908 - 2001 Updated 2001 edition. Illustrated card covers 680 pages. The revised and updated biography of the cricketing legend. Very good condition. £7.00
2very good BUTCHER Roland Rising To The Challenge 1989. 165 pages. A biography with Bridgette Lawrence of the first black cricketer to play for England. Dustwrapper near fine. £7.50
2very good CARR AW Cricket with the Lid Off 1935 First edition. Green cloth 256 pages plus advertisements. Biography of the Notts and England cricketer. Preface by DR Jardine. £15.00
3good CATTON JAH Wickets and Goals. Stories of Play. 1926. Green cloth 303 pages. With articles on famous 19th century cricketers and footballers. Good sound condition. £21.00
2very good COMPTON Denis by Tim Heald 1994. 234 pages. The authorised biography. Dustwrapper near fine. £8.00
2very good COMPTON Denis In Sun and Shadow 1952 First edition. 223 pages. A colourful portrayal of his life and cricket in 1950-51. Dustwrapper with minor chips now in prot. wrapper. £8.00
2very good CONSTANTINE Learie by Gerald Howat 1975. 250 pages. Biography traces Constantine's roots in Trinidad to the House of Lords. Dustwrapper very good. £10.00
2very good THE CROWE STYLE as told to Dave & Audrey Crowe 1987 First edition published N.Z.. 181 pages. A biography of Martin & Jeff Crowe. Dustwrapper very good. see signed section
2very good THE CROWE STYLE as told to Dave & Audrey Crowe 1987 First edition published N.Z.. 181 pages. A biography of Martin & Jeff Crowe. Dustwrapper very good. £10.00
2very good DAVIS Ian More Than Cricket 2004. First edition Australia card covers. 164 pages. The former Australian opener's remarkable story. Very good condition. £9.00
2very good DOSHI Dilip Spin Punch 1991. First edition India. 237 pages. Book and dustwrapper in almost fine condition. £12.00
2very good EDRICH WJ Bill Edrich by Alan Hill 1994. 267 pages. A biography of the Middlesex and England batsman. Dustwrapper near fine. £8.00
2very good EDRICH WJ Round The Wicket 1959. First edition. 202 pages. Fascinating insight into the career of one of the game's great fighters. Dustwrapper minor chips. £8.00
1fine EMBUREY John Spinning in a Fast World 1989 First edition 160 pages. The Middlesex and England cricketer looks at the place of spin in the modern game. Dustwrapper fine. £7.00
2very good FENDER PGH A Biography by Richard Streeton 1981. First edition. 194 pages. One of the cleverest captains and a ferocious hitter. Dustwrapper very good. sold May 18
1fine FLINTOFF Andrew Being Freddie 2005. First edition. 315 pages. Autobiography of the charismatic and popular face of the modern game. D/w price clipped. Photo top right of page. £7.00
2very good FOOT David Beyond Bat & Ball 1995. 207 pages. Eleven intimate portraits unveiling the private man behind the cricketer. D/w near fine condition. £7.00
2very good FRITH David Caught England Bowled Australia 1997. 366 pages. Autobiography of the cricket writer, researcher, speaker & player. D/wrapper very good. £8.00
1fine FRITH David The Fast Men 1982. Revised and updated edition. A 200 year cavalcade of fast bowlers. Book & d/w in fine condition. £7.00
2very good FRY CB King of Sport by Iain Wilton 2002. Card covers 500 pages. A biography of the complete all round sportsman. Very good condition. £6.00
1fine GOOCH Graham The Biography by Ivo Tennant 1992 First edition. 224 pages. A biography of the Essex and England Captain. D/w near fine. £8.00
1fine GOVER Alfred The Long Run 1991 First edition. 218 pages. Autobiography of the Surrey and England player and coach. D/w fine. £8.00
1fine GOWER David The Autobiography 1992 reprint. 256 pages. Book and dustwrapper near fine condition. £8.00
2very good GRACE WG Cricketing Lives by Clifford Bax 1952 Small format. 64 pages. Dustwrapper with one small piece missing otherwise v. good. £6.00
2very good GRACE WG The Memorial Biography of WG Grace 1919 First edition pictorial boards. 388 pages. By Lord Hawke, Lord Harris and Sir Home Gordon. Book in very good condition. £45.00
2very good GRAVENEY Tom The Biography by Christopher Sandford 1992 First edition. 213 pages. An entertaining picture of the Gloucester, Worcester and England batsman. D/w very good. £8.00
2very good GRAVENEY Tom Cricket Over Forty 1970 First edition 160 pages. Graveney looks back on twenty years of cricket with Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and England. Dustwrapper near fine. £8.00
2very good GROUT Wally My Country's Keeper 1965 First edition. 212 pages. Written with a rare sense of humour and includes three of Rigby's famous cricket cartoons. Dustwrapper with just slight rubbing. £12.00
3good HARRIS Lord A Few Short Runs 1921 First edition. Red cloth 296 pages. Chairman of Kent C.C.C. & Treasurer of the M.C.C. Fraying to top of spine. £38.00
2very good HARRIS Lord by James D. Coldham 1983 First edition. 171 pages. A biography. Dustwrapper very good. £9.00
2very good HEMMINGS Eddie Coming of Age 1991 First edition. 148 pages. Autobiography of the Warwickshire, Notts & England spin bowler. Dustwrapper very good. £7.00
1fine HOBBS Jack My Life Story 1981. The Hambledon Press reprint of the 1935 first edition. Book & d/wrapper in fine condition. £8.00
2very good HOBBS Jack Profile of "The Master" by John Arlott 1981 First edition. 144 pages. Dustwrapper in v. good condition. £8.00
1fine HOBBS Jack The Test Match Career by Clive W. Porter 1988 First edition. 177 pages. Traces Hobb's Test match career from 1907-8 to 1930. Book & d/w in fine condition. £8.00
2very good HOWARD WE Fifty Years' Cricket Reminiscences Of a Non-Player 1928 First edition. Card covers 141 pages. Fifty years experiences at Old Trafford. V. good condition. £18.00
1fine HUTTON Len The Biography by Gerald Howat 1988 First edition. 228 pages. The Yorkshire & England opening bat. D/w near fine. £8.00
2very good HUTTON Len The Story of a Great Cricketer by JM Kilburn 1949 Card covers. 34 pages. Mostly pictorial. V. good condition. £4.00
1fine JACKSON FS A Cricketing Biography by James P Coldham 1989 First edition. 208 pages. The Captain of Cambridge, Yorkshire and England. Dustwrapper fine condition. £8.00
1fine JARDINE Douglas Spartan Cricketer by Christopher Douglas 1984 First edition. 206 pages. A full biography of England's Captain during the Bodyline Series. Dustwrapper fine condition. £10.00
2very good JESSOP Gilbert The Croucher by Gerald Brodribb 1985 Edition. 240 pages. Biography of the fastest scoring batsman of his time. Career spanned 1894 to 1914. Dustwrapper very good. £10.00
1fine KEATING Frank Half - Time Whistle 1992 First edition. 227 pages. An autobiography which begins with a country childhood in Hereforshire & Gloucestershire. Book & d/w fine. £6.00
1fine KHAN Imran by Christopher Sandford 2009 First edition 402 pages. The cricketer, celebrity and politician. Dustwrapper and book new. £8.00
1fine KHAN Imran by Ivo Tennant 1994 First edition. 205 pages. An interesting biography on the Pakistan captain. D/wrapper near fine. £8.00
2very good KING WAKATIP by GJ Griffiths 1971 New Zealand. 156 pages. The story of William Gilbert Rees, a relative of WG Grace. With related correspondence. D/w very good. £15.00
2very good KORTRIGHT Charles Korty by Charles Sale 1986 First edition. 162 pages. Signed by author on title page. The legend explained. D/w near fine. £8.00
2very good KORTRIGHT Charles Korty The Legend Explained by Charles Sale 1986 Publisher's proof copy. Plain beige paper wrappers 162 pages. Very good condition. £5.00
1fine KORTWRIGHT C and JEPHSON D The Demon and the Lobster by Anthony Meredith 1987 First edition. 191 pages. The story of two of the most interesting players in cricket's Golden Age. Kortwright of Essex and Jephson of Surrey. Dustwrapper near fine. £8.50
1fine LAKER Jim by Alan Hill 1998 First edition. 248 pages. Entertaining biography on one of the finest off spin bowlers in the history of cricket. D/w fine. £8.00
2very good LAKER Jim Portrait of a Legend by Don Mosey 1989 First edition. 189 pages. A penetrating biography. Dustwrapper near fine. £8.00
1fine LAMB Alan My Autobiography 1996 First edition. 288 pages. Autobiography of one of cricket's most colourful characters. Dustwrapper near fine. £7.50
1fine LARWOOD Harold by Duncan Hamilton 2009 388 pages. The authorized biography of the world's fastest bowler. This book was the winner of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year 2009. Dustwrapper and book as new. £10.00
2very good LAWRY Bill Run Digger 1966 First edition. 128 pages. The Australian opener and commentator's own story. Dustwrapper rubbed at edges. £9.00
3good LOCK Tony Put Lock On by Kirwan Ward 1972 First edition. 138 pages. Biography on the controversial cricketer. D/wrapper and front end paper clipped on corner. £6.00
1fine LOHMANN George by Keith Booth 2007 352 pages. Lohmann was the main force behind Surrey's domination of county cricket in the late nineteenth century. A pioneer professional. Dustwrapper and book as new. £8.00
2very good MACKAY Ken Slasher Opens Up 1964 First edition. 210 pages. Biography of one of Australia's great characters. Some rubbing to dustwrapper, no tears. £8.00
2very good MACLAREN AC Archie by Michael Down 1981 First edition. 193 pages. First full length biography of the England captain at the turn of the 19th century. D/w near fine. £6.50
1fine MARSHALL Malcolm Marshall Arts 1987 First edition. 192 pages. Autobiography of the West Indies quick bowler. D/w fine condition. £10.00
1fine MAY Peter A Biography by Alan Hill 1996 First edition. 206 pages. Signed by author on title page. Book and dustwrapper as new. £8.50
1fine MAY Peter. A Game Enjoyed 1985 First edition. 224 pages. Autobiography of the Surrey and England captain. D/w near fine. £8.00
1fine MILLER Keith by Roland Perry 2007 Revised paperback edition. 520 pages. The life of the great Australian all-rounder. Fine condition. £6.00
2very good O'NEILL Norman Ins & Outs 1964 First edition. 222 pages. Biography of the Australian all-rounder. Minor imperfections to dustwrapper. £8.50
1fine O'REILLY Bill "Tiger" O'Reilly 1985 First edition. 213 pages. Autobiography of the Australian spin bowler & journalist. D/w fine condition. £10.00
1fine PAWSON Tony Runs & Catches 1980 First edition. 155 pages. Autobiography of the cricketer and footballer. D/w near fine. £7.00
2very good PONSFORD & WOODFULL by Marc Fiddian 1988 First edition published in Australia. Two of Australia's greatest opening batsman. Dustwrapper near fine. £8.00
1fine REEVE Dermot Winning Ways 1996. 220 pages. A forthright autobiography by the Warwickshire and England cricketer. D/wrapper as new. £7.00
2very good REID John Sword of Willow 1963 First edition. 265 pages. The New Zealand captain's own story. D/wrapper with minor rubbing to edges. £12.00
2very good RICHARDS Viv with David Foot 1979 First edition. 160 pages. Story of Viv finding a second home in Somerset. D/w very good. £6.00
2very good ROBINSON Ray & Gideon HAIGH On Top Down Under 1996 Revised edition. Card covers 459 pages. Biographical notes on Australia's captains since 1877. Dustwrapper and book near fine condition. £8.50
2very good RUTTER Edward Cricket Memories 1925 First edition. Pale blue cloth 214 pages. Rugby, Middlesex and The Free Foresters. Very good condition. £10.00
2very good SMITH Tiger with Pat Murphy 1981 First edition. 132 pages. Warwickshire & England. A career spanning 60 years. D/wrapper near fine. £6.00
2very good SNOW John Crcket Rebel 1976 First edition 218 pages. Autobiography of the Sussex and England fast bowler. Also contains some of Snow's poems. Very good dustwrapper. 8.00
2very good STATHAM Brian Flying Bails 1961 First edition. 160 pages. Autobiography of the Lancashire and England fast bowler. Very good dustwrapper. £10.00
1fine STATHAM Brian Glory Lightly Worn by Malcolm Lorimer 2001 First edition. Card covers 144 pages. A tribute to Brian Statham. Signed by author. Book as new £8.00
2very good STEELE David Come In No 3 with John Morris 1977 First edition. 192 pages. Well remembered for his tussles with Lillee & Thomson. D/w very good. £8.00
3good STRUDWICK Herbert 25 Years Behind The Stumps 1926 First edition. 254 pages. Autobiography of the Surrey & England wicketkeeper. Average condition for year. £18.00
2very good STUDD CT by Norman Grubb 1945 thirteenth impression of the 1933 first edition 256 pages. Famous cricketer and pioneer who answered "the call" firstly in China and then the heart of Africa. Dustwrapper with minor chips. £10.00
2very good SUTCLIFFE Herbert For England and Yorkshire 1935 second impression. Pictorial card covers 192 pages. The first book on the game by a Yorkshire professional. Very good condition. £8.00
2very good TAYLOR Bob Standing Up Standing Back 1985 First edition. 172 pages. Autobiography of the Derbyshire & England wicketkeeper. D/w near fine. £7.00
1fine TRESCOTHICK Marcus Coming Back to Me 2008 342 pages. Autobiography of the Somerset and England opening batsman. Dustwrapper price clipped otherwise in fine condition. £8.00
1fine TRUEMAN Fred As It Was 2004 First edition. 405 pages. The memoirs of the Yorkshire and England fast bowler. Inscription on front end paper. D/w as new. £6.00
1fine TRUMPER Victor The Illustrated Biography by Ashley Mallett 1985. Large format 232 pages. Unchallenged as the greatest batsman of the golden age 1890-1914. Book and dustwrapper in near fine condition. sold
2very good TRUMPER Victor The Immortal by JH Fingleton 1978 First edition 208 pages. A well overdue biography of the short life of a cricketing genius. Dustwrapper very good. £10.00
1fine VAUGHAN Michael A Year In The Sun 2003 First edition. 199 pages. Dustwrapper near fine. £8.00
1fine WALCOTT Clyde with Brian Scovell Sixty Years on the Backfoot 1999 First edition 195 pages plus appendices. The cricketing life of Sir Clyde Walcott. Book and dustwrapper as new. £8.00
1fine WARNE Shane My Illustrated Career 2006. 255 pages. Superb illustrated account of the great spinner's career. Book and dustwrapper as new. £8.00
3good WARNER "Plum" 1951. Small format 64 pages. Cricketing Lives Series. D/w. £6.00
2very good WARNER Pelham Long Innings 1951. 240 pages. The autobiography. Dustwrapper very good. £8.50
2very good WARNER PF My Cricketing Life 1921. Original decorative cloth 336 pages. Good condition for year. £22.00
1fine WARNER Plum by Gerald Howat 1987 First edition 240 pages. Warner was captain of the first MCC side to tour Australia and served the MCC in various capacities for nearly sixty years. Book and dustwrapper as new. £10.00
3good WOODS SMJ My Reminiscences 1925. Original cloth 212 pages. Autobiography of the Somerset, Australia and England cricketer. Good condition for year. £28.00
2very good WORRELL Frank The Career of a Great Cricketer by Ernest Eytle 1963 First edition 194 pages. A biography with a running commentary by Frank Worrell. Very good dustwrapper. £8.00
1fine WORRELL Sir Frank by Undine Giuseppi 1969. Illustrated card covers 92 pages. Near fine condition. £6.00

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